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"Unleashing Potential, One Profile at a Time."

Cheryl McCormick, B.S.S., M.S.S., USATF-1

Data Collection

Creating comprehensive athlete profiles requires collecting a broad range of data. These profiles can serve several purposes such as promotion, performance analysis, and scouting.

Personal Information

Personal information provides insight into the athlete and provides important demographic details.

Athletic Career Information

Focusing on highlights on achievements and awards, club and teams, and providing injury and comebacks!

Athlete Profiling

Athlete profiling involves systematically assessing and documenting an athlete's physical, psychological, and performance characteristics to optimize their training and development. It provides coaches and sports scientists with a basis for tailoring personalized training programs, improving performance, and reducing injury risk.

Why Profile?

Athlete profiling involves assessing an athlete's physical, psychological, technical, and tactical attributes to create a comprehensive overview of their strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas for development. 

This information is crucial for coaches, trainers, sports scientists, and the athletes themselves for various reasons.

Assessment & Development

Team Cohesion & Strategy

 In team sports, profiling can assist coaches and managers in understanding their team dynamics and cohesion, enabling them to make informed decisions about player selection, team strategy, and in-game tactics based on their athletes' complementary strengths and weaknesses.

Tailored Training Programs

By understanding an athlete's specific characteristics and abilities, coaches can design individualized training programs that address the athlete's unique needs, maximizing training efficiency and optimizing performance outcomes.

Injury Prevention & Management

Profiling can highlight an athlete's predisposition to certain injuries, allowing for implementing preventative strategies within their training and conditioning regimen. It can also assist in creating targeted rehabilitation programs for injured athletes, ensuring a safer and potentially quicker return to peak performance.

Enhancing Effective Communication & Motivation

Creating a profile allows for more straightforward communication between athletes, coaches, and support staff. When athletes understand their strengths and areas for improvement, they can set more realistic and motivating goals, enhancing their commitment to training and overall performance.

Career Management & Progression

Athlete profiling can play a role in managing an athlete's career, from ensuring they are in the most suitable position or event to potentially aiding in transitions between levels of competition or even after retirement from professional sport.

Who Has Access?


Athletes who work with Gravitational Performance have access to their personal profiles. Profiles are used during submission for collegiate sports opportunities.


Parents of athletes who work with Gravitational Performance have access to their child athletes' profiles. This allows for parents to add additional information that can assist in bettering the athlete and their future potential. 

Developing Into Athlete Resume

An athlete's resume is a document that highlights an athlete's sports achievements, physical stats, personal records, experiences, and other relevant skills. It is used to showcase an athlete's accomplishments and potential to college coaches, sports clubs, sponsors, or professional teams for recruitment, scholarship, or sponsorship purposes.

Creating an athlete's resume requires carefully organizing and presenting all relevant information concisely and compellingly. It's a strategic document to open doors to new opportunities in the athlete's career, whether for college admissions, professional contracts, or brand partnerships.

How often do we update profiles?

GP Athlete profiles are updated regularly, especially after major events or competitions, changes in personal information, or achievements in student-athlete careers. For our younger athletes not in high school, profiles will be updated at least once a year or as needed to reflect the athlete's current status and accomplishments.

Profiles can share personal bests, season averages, or any statistics that can quantify the athlete's performance and make a compelling case for their abilities.

Athletes are Benefiting

Athlete profiles can serve numerous functions that enhance an athlete's career, visibility, engagement with fans, and financial prospects!

Athletes are Benefiting

A well-managed profile enhances an athlete's marketability. By building a brand that is attractive to a broad audience, athletes can leverage their profiles for a wide range of financial and professional opportunities.

Athletes are Benefiting





Our Process

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